August 8, 2016 – Introduction of reports for participants & Optimization of fingerprints
Starting today, participants receive PDF reports on a 4-week basis via email about their recognizability as well as comparative values to other participants and other key figures. Furthermore, we made some changes in our feature selection, which we are currently testing in order to stabilize fingerprints. Therefore, the numbers in the statistics and your personal key figures, like the total number of your fingerprints, may have changed since your last visit.
July 27, 2016 – Statistics published
Statistics about the on-going study are now publicly available on this website. The evaluations include, inter alia, the recognizability of participants, an overview about our participants based on aggregated data from the survey as well as distributions of features amongst the collected fingerprints. The data acquisition will presumably last until December 2016, which is why the (live) results should be understood as intermediate results.